One sided friendship

I know most of the time you think I’m crazy.
Although my thinking can be uncanny,
I know you know I’m here
Not when you needed a nanny,
Nor when things are no longer funny,
But really…
when your co-workers aren’t that friendly,
when your happy heart starts to get lonely,
when the ticking of the clock makes you weary,
And when you wanted to be silly.

I just wish you’d be the same with me,
not only when things are pretty,
but even when things turn out badly.

I think it unfair that you don’t usually listen to me.
And when part of your life becomes messy,
it makes me sad but glad you’d turn to me,
but now I gotta understand
that some things change eventually;
I have a feeling you no longer trust me,
You believe others more than me
(Although I implied the same idea but approached
it differently).
And then you got so busy,
You barely have time for me,
And you tell me you love him truly,
That slowly it seemed you’ve gone away from me.

You have hurt me deeply.
It makes me sad and angry,
but what do you know…
We never really talked about me.


Pretend to Dream

When you realize you’re afraid of someone you love is like crossing the bridge to silent hill. Fog covers up everything; your smiles, his kindness, your feelings for each other. With every step you take, your anxiety goes with you. You waver with each action, afraid you’ll step into a land mine and set everything into chaos. When the fog clears and you discover everything, you’ll want to make a wish and go back in time before you stared at the devil behind his eyes.

So i close my eyes and pretend this is all a dream.

Fox Rain

The sun shone high that day.
The thin blanket of clouds never stopped the sunlight from reaching the earth. Neither did it discourage the two girls from taking a stroll on their countryside farm. They both wore dresses that swayed with the rhythm of the wind. Both their eyes were in shades of brown; one light and the other dark. And just as they’d glimpse the farmer’s small hut, it begun to drizzle and quickly turned to rain.
“Oh damn it, I’m almost soaked,” said the one with dark eyes.
“We’ll have to wait here till the rain stops,” answered the other. “No umbrella.”
They both sat down, stared at nothing and at everything, never talking, and just listened.
“It’s a fox rain,” she proclaimed.
“Mm-hmm,” was her only answer.
“We should make a story out of it,” like they always do.
A brief pause and then—
“Rain fell in love with earth, and in return, earth loved the rain too,” her response quiet compared to the sound of rain. It was always her most relaxing moment, when the sky cries out its day’s worth of frustration, ready to start another bright day.
“Yes,” she answered with the same quiet voice. “But rain was not earth’s first love. It was the sun.”
“It was always them.” Her retort was laced with bitterness as it was with rain that her bets lie.
“Since the beginning of time, sun embraced earth with his warmth and earth welcomed it. Even with their distance, sun was able to make earth feel comfort and love,” she proudly stated.
“But their distance proved to be the cause of a great rift that rippled their love. There were times when sun has to leave earth, and earth would fall into darkness without sun’s light. And as sun’s love for earth grew, sun’s warmth also rose. The days in which sun would bathe earth with warmth, no longer will earth be comfortable. Earth would crack and break under the sun’s intensity so much so that earth now looked forward to darkness, when earth would begin to heal the day’s worth of pain.” She pouted at her continuation but preceded the story nonetheless.
“One night, rain saw earth and all of earth’s withered state and…,” she nudged for her to continue.
“And rain helped earth heal with rain’s gentle caress. Rain’s downpour filled earth’s cracks and watered the withered plants. Earth returned to becoming what once earth was, vibrant and blooming. Rain had taken a liking to earth and promised to come again and earth looked forward to the fulfillment of the promise.” Her voice filled with triumph at how the story was progressing but it appeared she would now lead the story to sun’s victory.
“When the sun returned, sun knew that something had changed. Earth had changed and not because of the sun. The sun grew suspicious and because sun wanted all of earth, sun once more increased the intensity of sun’s heat, erasing all the unknown traces that now covered earth’s surface. Earth cracked and split once more that earth let out a pained cry. Rain heard it and came to earth’s rescue. Now that the sun finally drew what has caused earth’s change out, the sun fought with rain for the earth’s attention and noble as rain was, rain fought back.” She giggled at what she added that left the other girl giggling too.
“Earth tried to stop the fight but at what the sun and rain was doing, it was actually to the earth’s advantage. Earth was filled with coolness that soothed which rivaled the warmth that liberated. So earth remained silent whiles the sun and rain caused fox rains. Fox rains that symbolize rivalry,” her expression thoughtful as the fox rain slowed to a drizzle.
“Fox rain that represents ignorance and detachment.”
“Fox rain that depicts love and care.”
“Fox rain that’s now…gone.” She jumped and ran outside the hut. “C’mon! We should hurry back home before it rains again.”
Her movement was as lazy as a sloth but still followed the girl with eyes that see beauty with hers that see ruin. But not this time. This time, both the girls saw beauty and ruin at the same moment. And as they walked down the path, with the wind teasing the hems of their slightly soaked dresses, the rain, sun and earth were clapping enthusiastically after the girls’ entertaining story.

The Cycle

Glances were done
Impressions were formed
Eyes have met
Smiles were given
Soon, conversations were made
Numbers were exchanged
Messages were sent
Thoughts were conquered
Love was felt
The emotion was shared
A status was declared
Bliss happened
Soon, problems were experienced
Feelings have changed
Decisions were set
Tears were shed
Goodbyes were said
Hearts were broken
And the cycle has begun