Once in a blue moon,
I’d do things differently.
I’d have someone braid my hair.
I’d paint my nails black.
I’d joke constantly
And laugh till I’m gasping for air.

Once in a blue moon,
I’d do a prank or play a trick.
I’d lie and deceive.
I’d tickle you for no reason.
I’d be mad in an instant
And be sweet in the next.

Once in a blue moon,
I’d contemplate on life.
I’d question creation.
I’d stare into space.
I’d wish for things to be different
And be content for it to stay the same.

Once in a blue moon,
You’ll witness a different part of me.
You’ll ask yourself if I am who I claim to be.
You’ll tilt your head and wonder.
You’ll be surprised or be confused
But still accept me for who I am.




I’m sorry I let you down.
I’m sorry I screw things up.
I’m sorry I’m never good enough.
I’m sorry for being a pain.
I’m sorry for being good-for-nothing.
I’m sorry for being loud.
I’m sorry for being irresponsible.
I’m sorry my best can’t satisfy you.
I’m sorry for not being how I should be.
I’m sorry for being wrong.
I’m sorry.
Forgive me for the things I can’t do.
Pardon me for the things I have done,
that shouldn’t be
I’m sorry for being me.