Locked up

I must escape
 From the horrors
  Of my mind.
I am trapped
 In an endless torture
  Of my own imagination.
I hear things they don't.
 I see things they overlook.
  I feel things they ignore.
I run and run
 With nowhere to go
  And nowhere to hide.
I know you have the key.
 Let me out.
  Set me free.

Lock them in Writing

Insanity tries to conquer my brain.
Now sanity is overpowered.
My sanity plans to leave me;
So I write down mad, demented,
cuckoo things.
I jot down the lunatic things
my brain thought of trying.
I caged them in repeated sentences
As if the times of  repetition
becomes the strength of the charm.
I imprisoned them in words.
I confine them in scribbles.
I locked them in writing to keep me sane.
But sometimes, I missed some bits.
They’d tie my sanity somewhere.
They want to take over.
I’d almost fall for them.
I’d almost do what they whisper.
But with the pen and paper,
I can suppress them,
And once again, I’d recover.