The Best Analogy

Both love coffee
He is the bitter cold coffee
She is the sweet and creamy

Both like rain
He pours on a cold night
She pours when the sun is bright

Both want sleep
He is a good afternoon nap
She is the long night sleep gap

Both took geography
He could be the south,
While she—the north.

Both had physics
Opposites attract
By a magnetism fact

Both are under the same sky
One could be the sun
The other—the moon

They might never be together
And generations go on
But eclipse happens, however.



her eyes were the universe
so vast and unending with stars that shone and–
“I’m glad I knew you,” she said softly.
then her tears fell down like meteors.

Life Candle

I close my eyes tight.
Squeeze my hands, knuckles white.
I realize I’ve never been truly afraid
Till I saw his life and felt betrayed.
Where mine can last years,
His struggled like broken gears.
A joke, a prank the universe wants to play
On us, out of all people astray.
I pray, I wish like a fool
That the universe cease its rules
And let us be together
In each other’s arms, forever.


Tell me you’re not in love with her,
When you suppressed that smile upon a mention of her name
The way you look at her when you think no one else is looking
The way she makes you laugh like nobody else.

Tell me you’re not in love with her,
When you hold her stare like it’s a tiny fragile thing
The way you tease her and satisfy yourself with her gentle beating
The way you touched her—careful, longing and afraid.

Tell me you’re not in love with her,
When you try so hard to tell her more but ended up saying less
The way you talked about her and being unable to stop grinning
The way you care for her without realizing it.

How dare you tell her you’re not in love with her,
When it is obvious that you are
The way the look of your eyes changed when she believed you
The way you deny it upon yourself is admitting it to be true.

For my love

a blank page for me to write
a page-full of what i feel inside
though these feelings i couldn’t completely convey
let this phrase carry my message and stay

a blank page for me to describe
a person who’s always by my side
though these words i couldn’t properly find
know that you are always in my mind

a blank page for someone who breathes poetry
a page for you to fill masterfully
though this piece of art i would rarely see
let this year be the start of your symphony