The Best Analogy

Both love coffee
He is the bitter cold coffee
She is the sweet and creamy

Both like rain
He pours on a cold night
She pours when the sun is bright

Both want sleep
He is a good afternoon nap
She is the long night sleep gap

Both took geography
He could be the south,
While she—the north.

Both had physics
Opposites attract
By a magnetism fact

Both are under the same sky
One could be the sun
The other—the moon

They might never be together
And generations go on
But eclipse happens, however.


To Peace

I died.

Everything, no matter where I look, is so bright. Unlike that final moment when darkness slowly crept across my vision until all I saw was darkness. At that moment, I realized I’m finally dead. I didn’t think I’d wake up once more, but here I am, standing in the middle of nowhere.

“Come forward,” called a voice.

I look down and see my own two bared feet. I raise my arms and see my red-streaked wrists. I examine my blood-splattered dress and realize there’ll be no changing them. I take a step forward—not caring where ‘forward’ may lead—and follow the voice.


I obey.

“What is your name?”

I look around and see no one besides myself. Where the voice is coming from? That I do not know. If I could still speak—that I am not aware—but is still worth a try so I clear my throat.

“Where am I?” I ask.

“The gates,” reply the voice.

“The gates to where?”

“To peace.”

To peace? My eyes flicker to my slashed wrists. “I’m not sure I deserve peace,” I hear myself say. Continue reading

Point of Views

I don’t want to look at him because it pains me to know that his eyes were never meant to see me. His words were never constructed for me. His heart, never would it skip a beat for me. His mind was never to wander to me. His hands were never to held mine.

I don’t want to look at her because it hurts to know that her eyes were never for me to gaze into. Her words were never for me to hear. Her heart, never would I make it flutter. Her thoughts were never for me to conquer. Her hands were never for me to hold.

The Cycle

Glances were done
Impressions were formed
Eyes have met
Smiles were given
Soon, conversations were made
Numbers were exchanged
Messages were sent
Thoughts were conquered
Love was felt
The emotion was shared
A status was declared
Bliss happened
Soon, problems were experienced
Feelings have changed
Decisions were set
Tears were shed
Goodbyes were said
Hearts were broken
And the cycle has begun