The pieces that we are

I blow the smoke away and I imagined how it might leave my lungs. I took a drag and blow again.
Someone behind me has arrived.
“I didn’t know you smoke” she said to me.
I sighed as I catch a glimpse of her.
“Now you do.” I tell her.
“Since when?” She asked.
This curious piece of perfection can be quite annoying.
“Since the world has decided to be against me” I replied.
“And when’s that?” She asked again.
I blow a round smoke.
“When I lost every right piece in me and ended up with bits of failure becoming a whole new piece of failure which comprises me.”
“You’re not a failure”, I hear her say.
“You’re right, I’m not. I’m just a collection of disappointments and untangled failures that go with it.”
“You’re a dismantled almost.” She tells me.
I took another drag and as I blow away the smoke, I laughed suddenly which sounds like a cough. I blew the smoke more smoothly now.
“And you’re a relatively assembled piece of perfection.” I said to her.
She simply smiled but it’s a sad smile.
“I hate smoking, you know.” I suddenly say.
“I know. That’s why I didn’t thought you’d smoke.”
“I once thought that too.” I said as I drop my cigarette and squish it with my foot.
I turned to her,
“You want a cup of tea?”
I have always liked tea, but never have a company to enjoy it better with.
“As a matter of fact, I do” she replied.
“Now that’s nice. Keep doing me this favor?” I tell her.
“Oh, I’m doing you a favor? What is that?” She asked sounding enthusiastically inclined.
“Add a little bit of sunshine in my life. People keep on bringing me colors of gray. It hardly ever stops raining in my own little world.”
We smiled to each other and went on our way to have that cup of tea.



they say a picture speaks a thousand words
but i wonder why yours only whisper one.
you say you would cross an ocean to find me
but the sea between us is actually none.

i would write our story in a book
but you won’t read it even out of curiosity.
you would cook all your favorite dishes
but i know those aren’t meant for me.

i’ve always believed that there’s forever
as long as you and me exist.
but it turns out it’s a one-sided belief
one i unconsciously persist.

i guess your extremities were just mere words
meant to untangle hearts from webs of isolation
and your love just a figure of speech
just a replica of your true intention.