End of Questions

When everything explodes and is thrown into chaos,
Almost every one asks the same question on their minds:
“Who started it?”
Who pulled the trigger that killed innocent lives?
Who cheated on their bestfriend’s wives?
Who said the most heartbreaking words
That even the strongest of hearts got hurt?
When everything is out of balance and nothing is as it seems,
Who tipped the scale to neverending screams?
Who threw the first punch
Only to feel their knuckles crunch?
Who was the first to blame
and who will be the first to claim?
And realize
That these are not the right questions that should be asked.
That faeries would laugh at every wasted chance.
That the ones at fault are more than capable of giving the answers on their own.
That the question should bear the future
Of every loved one that’s left.
Of every husband who have wept.
Of every heart that got broken.
Of every throat that got swollen.
“Who will end it?”


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