Christmas Present

You said you loved me. You said you wanted to be with me.
You said you’ll stay with me forever.
You told me you were true yet I heard you utter the same things to her. You said you’ll be late for dinner then I saw you dine with her.
You said you’ll be home late because of work but I saw you walk down that club with her.
I asked you once what you wanted for Christmas, and you told me you would have anything and you want it like how I usually wrap it –in silk with a red ribbon. Now I lay, dressed in silk and the reddest of red around my wrist becomes the ribbon that comes with it.
Merry Christmas dear, i know you’ll be with her tonight.
Have fun!


I Wish…

For the rain to turn into snow
For warmth during this Holy night
For love to spread in our hearts
And for anger to take flight.

For the stars to come out
For the cold wind upon my cheek
For the satisfaction of a full stomach
And for it to last a week.

For all the children to smile
For all couples to be in each others’ arms
For Saint Nicholas to remember my gift
And for Christmas to bring all charms.