Pretend to Dream

When you realize you’re afraid of someone you love is like crossing the bridge to silent hill. Fog covers up everything; your smiles, his kindness, your feelings for each other. With every step you take, your anxiety goes with you. You waver with each action, afraid you’ll step into a land mine and set everything into chaos. When the fog clears and you discover everything, you’ll want to make a wish and go back in time before you stared at the devil behind his eyes.

So i close my eyes and pretend this is all a dream.



they say a picture speaks a thousand words
but i wonder why yours only whisper one.
you say you would cross an ocean to find me
but the sea between us is actually none.

i would write our story in a book
but you won’t read it even out of curiosity.
you would cook all your favorite dishes
but i know those aren’t meant for me.

i’ve always believed that there’s forever
as long as you and me exist.
but it turns out it’s a one-sided belief
one i unconsciously persist.

i guess your extremities were just mere words
meant to untangle hearts from webs of isolation
and your love just a figure of speech
just a replica of your true intention.

Lock them in Writing

Insanity tries to conquer my brain.
Now sanity is overpowered.
My sanity plans to leave me;
So I write down mad, demented,
cuckoo things.
I jot down the lunatic things
my brain thought of trying.
I caged them in repeated sentences
As if the times of  repetition
becomes the strength of the charm.
I imprisoned them in words.
I confine them in scribbles.
I locked them in writing to keep me sane.
But sometimes, I missed some bits.
They’d tie my sanity somewhere.
They want to take over.
I’d almost fall for them.
I’d almost do what they whisper.
But with the pen and paper,
I can suppress them,
And once again, I’d recover.