Watching Eyes

i watched them both.
how she leaned into him and
how he stole a glance at her.
how he made fun of her and
how she laughed with him.

i asked her of what she thinks of him.
she told me he’s annoying.
she told me he’s fun to be with.
she complained a lot
yet she smiled through it all.

i asked him of what he thinks of her.
he told me she’s weird.
he told me she’s very understanding.
he shrugged at most of my questions
yet he remained serious through it all.

i wondered who’s going to realize it first.
who’s heart will light up and
who’s mind will clear.
and so, i continued to watch them both.


8 thoughts on “Watching Eyes

  1. Sadly, too many people live and endure those kind of relationships. People should come out and be honest, and stop playing with each other. We’re more than just objects.
    You’re writing is really good! I also like short stories because…well, they’re short! I’m writing a fantasy novella over at Feel free to check it out!


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