The Wind

The wind once told me a tale
about a man who have such kindness
that he could warm the hearts even of those
made from ice.
He was sweet and gentle and very warm.
The gods love him.
But evil could not stand how a mere human
could impress the gods so he made a deal with death.
Death then came upon him that night.
As his soul left his body,
death stripped him his living qualities
—the deal which death made with the evil.
Now the gods had wondered how different he was
compared to when he was still alive.
And because of that, he could not pass through the gates of goodness
and for that as well, evil smiled from ear to ear.
But still, the gods favored him and so,
he became the spirit of the wind.
The free, wild, playful and mocking wind.
The whispering cold and taunting wind.


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