A story to tell

I have a story to tell
Once, a man laid eyes upon a girl and fell
But she knew: to fall in love could be heaven and hell
So comfortably in her place, she dwells
But to touch a girl’s heart, he knew too well.
Now he had set her the spell.
Easily won, he thought she’d be,
but he knew not: soft to tough, she is like a gel.
Never can he get close for she repels.
Frustrated as he was, he yelled.
His feelings, he wanted to expel.
Soon, he wished for things that best not to tell
And lurking evil came out and had him compelled.
When the day has gone that darkness was spelled,
he rushed to her and to make her his, he was impelled.
But she was hard and he could not succeed
So a knife was drawn and the end, we could all foretell.
Surprised by what he has done, he wished for pain to dispel.
And death itself emerged and sounded the death knell.
Two young souls were taken, one to heaven, the other to hell.
This tale I tell soon will be quelled so go and retell!
A love like this would only end
in a horrible farewell.


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