A Play

A story was set before my eyes.
Two young people were destined to meet.
She was strong, kind and beautiful.
He was smart and manly enough.

Her eyes were set at him but she knew it can never be, so she turned away from this fantasy and let her thoughts run wild and free.
His heart was solely his. His mind is conquered by knowledge. He cared for no one but himself.
Scarred by nothing but arithmetic that could define him.

Finally both fell into the hands of destiny. Soon, they began the game. Neither knew how to play nor did they know they took part in it.
It took some time but now he sees her. He watched and admired her. She smiled but avoided him. His mind soon started to wander to her.
Her eyes are stars he loves to watch. Her smile—a day he can’t wait to wake up to. Her touch is as gentle as a feather approaching the ground. Her words are kind; her beauty like no other.
The more they bump into each other. The more he fell for her. The less he sees her the more his mind wanders to her.
Now he seemed kind to her, she thought. And she reminded herself not to fall for she never wanted this heartache people felt.
She was passive as he became persistent. He finally confesses to her; she merely smiled with bright eyes.
Again, he proclaims his love yet she was too afraid. But he assured her that his love was true. She soon fell into his words and took the risk.

Love was in the air for the time they were together. All along love was with joy and bliss.
It was not expected nor anticipated but soon enough, she met with the parents. They had their impressions on her. She was kind but was not enough, they decided.
She was not smart enough for him. Her erudition is lacking. She would not pass the standards of his parents. She was never fit to be with him.
He too knew of this but instead to fight for it, he chose to break her heart and left.
He had gone to find another.

She smiles at day and cries at night. But she was strong and never did she fall apart.
After some time, she regained her strength. And he came back, not by himself but with someone to be his wife. You can tell how cruel he must be. He has torn her heart then walked away and now here he is only to have her heart be torn again.

If this was love, she thought.
If only pain could be brought.
She never again wanted to be caught.
And to love, never again would she spare a thought.

He likes his wife to be. But never can he forget the memories from she. He still looks at her by the window and he looks for her in crowds but nothing else can be said for soon he’ll utter the words ‘I do’, to whom everyone’s pleased to hear it be said back but to whom his heart would say ‘I don’t.’

As it was done, she left and now had gone to somewhere she could run.
Years have gone and they met again. Her eyes still glitters like that of stars and it aches him to know, she could’ve been his wife. She merely smiled and bid goodbye.
He looks at her until she was a pea-sized away.
His heart was hers forevermore.
But she never knew she had his heart all along.
Regrets swarm into his entirety. For all his life, it was he who fooled himself.
She was his reality and everything else was a play.

Destiny let them meet
Love pulled the strings
Ambition tore them apart
And will was too weak to act.

The game had been played and neither won nor lost for it was not a game to win or lose, it was a game of pain and gain. And it wasn’t just a game, it was a play.


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